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Horner satisfied: 'Key component of Mercedes’ recent success'

Horner satisfied: 'Key component of Mercedes’ recent success'

7 August - 19:47 Last update: 20:25


Christian Horner is proud to announce that Phil Prew will be joining Red Bull Racing, the team boss told the UK Express. The former Mercedes chief engineer gained a lot of experience with the German team and is expected to be able to help his new team progress.

While Red Bull and Max Verstappen are on course for another world title this season, the Austrians are working behind the scenes to provide the entire team with new people. With Prew, the team is hoping to acquire the necessary expertise.

"He has been a key component of Mercedes’ recent success and, again, it is another statement of intent of where we want to be with the power unit," Horner stated. "I think we have assembled great strength and depth within the business and it’s fantastic to see it really coming together and coming to life."

Collaboration between Porsche and Red Bull

It seems very likely that Red Bull will enter into a partnership with Porsche from 2026. However, Horner revealed in Hungary that this is not intended to be at the expense of the team's DNA. According to the Brit, he and his teammates will have to pay close attention to this.

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