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Wolff on Mercedes passion: 'Across everything we do'

Wolff on Mercedes passion: 'Across everything we do'

7 August - 18:17 Last update: 20:24


Mercedes is not only working behind the scenes to improve the performance of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, but is also working hard to become more sustainable. Team boss Toto Wolff sees it as an important task for Mercedes, he tells on the official website of the German racing team.

In recent years, several drivers in Formula 1 have already asked a lot of attention for the environment, including Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Also the FIA was busy trying to change the whole situation, taking some significant steps.

Mercedes is also doing its best to look at its own situation. "This is the future for us all," Wolff stressed. "We are a team of problem solvers; and we’re setting ourselves ambitions on how to become more sustainable across all that we do."

"Whether deploying our resources to drive technological advances that will help society address the environmental challenges that we face, or committing to increase the diversity of our workforce, and supporting those in need in our local communities, our passion isn’t just in the cars you see on track, it’s across everything we do."

Mercedes has big challenge this season

For now, Mercedes is the third best team in Formula 1 this season, although it is right behind Ferrari. The Italian racing stable has just 30 points ahead of its rivals in the constructors' championship. The gap to Red Bull Racing is 127 points.

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