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Bottas sets Alfa Romeo on fire: There will be a high focus on that

Bottas sets Alfa Romeo on fire: "There will be a high focus on that"

06-08-2022 17:21 Last update: 19:37


Valtteri Bottas is in his first season with Alfa Romeo. With 46 points, he is ninth in the world championship, which is very satisfactory. However, the last race in Hungary, in which Bottas crashed out and Guanyu Zhou finished 13th, shows that there is plenty of work to be done.

The Finnish driver has the luxury of having spent many years with Mercedes experiencing what it is like to perform at the top. He took that experience to Alfa Romeo at the start of the season and has been able to support the team's growth in recent months.

Bottas expects more from Alfa Romeo

For Bottas, however, Alfa Romeo's current level of performance is not enough. The driver is happy with the work the team is delivering again this season, but feels the formation still needs to take some big steps this year to live up to its ambitions.

"It's not consistent enough and we know it," he told Sky Sports. "We need to keep working on that, because it would have been an even greater shame if we were aiming to score points again and we had that issue. There will be a high focus on that."

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