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Performance coach did not know Verstappen before meeting

Performance coach did not know Verstappen before meeting

6 August - 11:29 Last update: 13:17

Bradley Scanes, the personal trainer of Max Verstappen, told in the YouTube podcast PitStop about his cooperation with the Dutchman. The Englishman tells about how he met Verstappen.

For a long time, Verstappen had Jake Aliker as his performance coach. When Aliker announced he was stepping down, it was up to Verstappen to look for a new performance coach. Since 2019 it is Scanes who makes sure Max Verstappen is top fit every race weekend. Formula 1 drivers must follow a strict sports and nutrition schedule to stay in shape and withstand the heavy G-forces. To this end, almost every driver has his or her own personal trainer.

Scanes started out as a physiotherapist in London and became responsible for the British Olympic gymnastics team and was lucky to know some of the people around the F1 paddock. Verstappen eventually came to Scanes. Scanes met Verstappen and his family in Barcelona.


A funny detail, Scanes wasn't familiar with Formula 1 so he had to figure out exactly who he was going to work with: "I was googling who Max Verstappen was at the airport before I met him." After conversations where they had talked about winning a world championship, among other things, the Dutchman chose to work with the Brit.

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