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Red Bull strategist on race preparation: 'Verstappen's good at that'

Red Bull strategist on race preparation: 'Verstappen's good at that'

5 August - 09:50 Last update: 10:25


Red Bull Racing strategist Hannah Schmitz played a key role in Red Bull Racing's latest victory in Hungary. She works closely with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in the preparation for the races. Schmitz mentions the strengths of both drivers.

Schmitz names strengths of Verstappen and Perez

The race in Hungary was not Schmitz's first strong performance, more often the strategist delivers decisive work for her team. In conversation with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf Schmitz explains more about Red Bull's preparation for races. She works closely with Verstappen and Perez and she finds this collaboration very pleasant. Schmitz has the data and the facts, but not the experience of the drivers. According to the strategist, both drivers add something different.

"With the drivers we discuss everything beforehand. Perez is someone who wants to know a lot about the pace and tyre degradation of the others. Max is very good at talking through and understanding the scenarios." Schmitz: "For example, if I'm not sure which tyre to start on, we ask Max what he thinks and what his feelings are. Everything for the best possible result."

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