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Steiner: If you copy, you copy from the best team, right?

Steiner: "If you copy, you copy from the best team, right?

5 August - 09:24 Last update: 09:37


Guenther Steiner, the Haas F1 team boss, seems unimpressed by the accusations against his team. The VF22 is said to be a copy of the Ferrari F1-75. Steiner says it is only natural to copy the best performing team.

In Hungary, Haas came out with its first update of the season. The team only had enough resources in Budapest to provide Kevin Magnussen with the updates. Upon seeing the improved Haas VF22, there were noises that the Haas would be a white Ferrari. In conversation with Speedweek.com Steiner dismissed suspicions of illegal copying of the Ferrari: "Whenever someone accuses us of copying something, I always give the same answer: 'Do we have to copy Williams then?'"

Steiner copying from best team

Steiner seems to assume that there is nothing wrong with copying from other teams. In addition, the team boss believes that if you copy from other teams you should at least do it well. Steiner: "I don't want to offend Williams, but that car is a completely different concept and they are behind us in the championship. If you are going to copy something, copy the best team. At the moment that is Ferrari and Red Bull Racing."

Steiner further reinforces his words by citing the partnership they have with Ferrari. Haas buys the engine from Ferrari, so the powertrain is virtually the same. The gearbox and suspension of the VF22 are identical to those of the F1-75, according to Steiner. "So why would we copy something else?"

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