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Deal with Porsche is great, but Red Bull must not lose DNA'

Deal with Porsche is great, but Red Bull must not lose DNA'

03-08-2022 17:01 Last update: 17:37


Red Bull Racing and Porsche have been flirting with each other for some time over a possible partnership starting in 2026. The German brand has already reportedly taken over 50 per cent of the shares of the Red Bull Racing F1 programme, but according to Christian Horner, Red Bull must not lose its own DNA in a possible deal.

Red Bull entered Formula 1 as a team in 2005 and operates in its own unique way. Little has changed since the team's arrival, the livery is still dark blue with red and yellow accents despite some modifications, the team has had a true sister team in AlphaTauri for years and Horner has been team principal since the beginning.

No change in DNA at Red Bull

Porsche's interest in Red Bull is very attractive, says Horner who is quoted by MotorsportWeek.com. However, a total change of the team is not in the cards. "But any partnership would have to fit with the Red Bull philosophy, obviously, the DNA, the culture of who we are, how we go racing and what we’ve achieved," he said.

"It would be absolutely fundamental to any discussion of not changing that, you know. We’re successful for a reason," Horner said. For now, at least, Red Bull will not change. It was announced on Tuesday that Honda will remain a loyal partner of the Austrian team until 2025.

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