AMUS: 'Honda has made an offer to Red Bull'

AMUS: 'Honda has made an offer to Red Bull'

2 August - 18:42 Last update: 21:52

Honda indeed seems to have regretted its departure, as it was announced on Tuesday afternoon that the Japanese will continue to help partner Red Bull Racing with its engine up to and including 2025. There are even talks about a possible deal as title sponsor of the Milton Keynes-based racing team through 2025. To top it all off, there are also rumours that Honda wants to buy the Red Bull team in 2026.

It is with this news that Michael Schmidt, a journalist from the more reputable Auto, Motor und Sport comes up with that news. Red Bull, however, seems to be doing business with Porsche. An agreement between the two parties is almost finalised, but we are still waiting for the final confirmation of the engine regulations for 2026. The vote on this has already been postponed several times and Honda is trying to take advantage of this.

Did Honda make a bid for Red Bull?

They are said to have recently made an offer to take over Red Bull from 2026. "Honda has made an offer to Red Bull [2026], which I’ve heard isn‘t that unattractive either. But now Honda also saw what Porsche is planning at Red Bull (Porsche buying 50%). I think some at Red Bull believe that the Morocco leak was done on purpose."

Last weekend, a document was leaked revealing that Porsche will take a 50 percent stake in Red Bul Racing's F1 operation from 2026. That document should not have been released yet. Red Bull and Porsche intend to make the official announcement of the partnership when the rules for the 2026 power plants have been finalised.

It seems that Red Bull has sold a 'no' to Honda, as Christian Horner recently revealed that the first steps towards a transition to Porsche have already been taken. According to other rumours, Red Bull has indicated to Honda that they may work with AlphaTauri, but it seems that in Japan they are not interested.

Technical knowledge of Porsche reaches far

Red Bull would have a lot of confidence in the upcoming cooperation with Porsche and Schmidt understands that. "I know someone who works a lot with engine parts and he told me not to underestimate Porsche. They have a lot of knowledge, also in the field of the combustion engine. So Red Bull will not only get a lot of know-how in the electric field [but also in the combustion engine]," concludes the German.

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