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Verstappen 'disgusted' by fans who set fire to Hamilton merchandise

Verstappen 'disgusted' by fans who set fire to Hamilton merchandise

31 July - 17:47


After the Austrian Grand Prix, where several fans misbehaved, it happened again in Hungary. Max Verstappen fans set Lewis Hamilton's merchandise on fire. The Dutchman is shocked about the situation.

On Friday, images emerged on Twitter of fans in Verstappen clothing setting fire to a Hamilton cap in Hungary. After the heated title fight between the rivals in 2021, the fans of the two drivers are no longer good friends either.

After his brilliant victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen said he was aware of the footage. "That’s of course not acceptable. I definitely don’t agree with that, because that’s just disgusting," the Red Bull driver is quoted as saying by The Race.

Verstappen: "That's how it should be"

"Overall, I think the majority of the fans were cheering a lot I think throughout the race, and also on the podium, for every driver. I think that’s how it should be. That video of burning merch, I think that’s disgusting," Verstappen continued. The Dutchman finished alongside Hamilton and George Russell on the podium at the Hungaroring.

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