Verstappen not happy with race directors: 'Seems like they don't care'

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31 July at 08:57
Last update 31 July at 10:41

Max Verstappen is not happy with the FIA. According to the Dutchman, the drivers are not being listened to when it comes to issues such as track limits. Verstappen thinks that the drivers are seen as amateurs.

Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich have been alternating in the role of race director since the resignation of Michael Masi. For the Hungarian Grand Prix, Freitas will be at the helm. Verstappen is not entirely satisfied with the new race directors. 

There has been a lot of fuss about the track limits in recent weeks. Drivers are no longer allowed to cross the white line. Especially during the Austrian Grand Prix there was a lot of fuss with no less than 43 infringements during the race and several time penalties.

Verstappen: "That is not correct"

In Hungary, the drivers are not allowed to cross the line at turn thirteen, but instead of a full white line, a dotted line is used. According to Verstappen, these changes make it more difficult for the race committee to supervise the race.

"As drivers we always want to help, but we are not listened to. That is extremely frustrating. I don't want to fight with the race committee, I want to advise them. It seems like they don't care. It's as if they see us as amateurs. That's not right", Verstappen tells to De Telegraaf.