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Red Bull not backed by McLaren: We support the initiative of the FIA

Red Bull not backed by McLaren: "We support the initiative of the FIA"

23 July - 08:01 Last update: 08:51

There is much ado about the FIA 's plans to change the regulations for 2023. The plan is to make changes to the floor to prevent porpoising. The governing body deems this necessary on safety grounds, but many teams doubt that reasoning. McLaren is not one of those racing teams.

Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, among others, are very clear: the new rules only benefit Mercedes. They feel there is no need to change the rules, because they are not affected by anything. It is not for nothing that they say the reigning world champion from Brackley should look for solutions themselves instead of getting a big push in the right direction from the FIA.

At McLaren, however, they are in favour of the FIA's plans. The first thought that comes to mind is that McLaren supports its engine supplier Mercedes in this matter, but Andreas Seidl denies this in conversation with and others. He states that his employer really considers changes to the regulations necessary for safety reasons.

Seidl gives his opinion

"We are satisfied with the decisions of the FIA and its leadership in this matter. When this whole thing started, the FIA made it clear that they were basing [new rules] on safety principles. Therefore I think it is very important to follow this line and not to give in in any way. So we are very satisfied," the German team boss explained.

He continues: "We are an independent team, we decide for ourselves and we fight for what we think is right. We support the initiative of the FIA. The discussion is still ongoing, as usual. But in the end I think we will have clarity soon and so we will focus on that."

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