Pirelli looking forward to new engine regulations: 'Important for us'

16 July at 16:21
Last update 16 July at 18:56

From 2026, Formula 1 will have new engine regulations. What these will look like is not yet clear, but it is clear that electric power will play a bigger role and then the engines must be made cheaper to attract more engine suppliers. But it is not only important for engine suppliers to know what the regulations will look like.

Because Pirelli will also need to know in time what the regulations will look like in 2026. To FormulaPassion Mario Isola let them know what they have to take into account at the Italian tyre supplier. "It's kind of what we saw in 2014 when we switched from the internal combustion engine alone to the hybrid. We will have more torque and we will have to design suitable constructions."

Pirelli also tyre supplier after 2026?

Isola further explains that the power output will be much higher and that Pirelli will have to design a suitable tyre for this. The Italian tyre supplier also hopes that the developments around the tyres for 2026 will also impulse the development of normal tyres for public roads for users.

Pirelli by the way expects that they will still be supplying the tyres to F1 in 2026. At the moment they don't have a contract for that yet, but Isola has little doubt about that contract. "We have never made a secret of it. We are happy with Formula 1 and the period we have done. There are future prospects, so absolutely yes, from our side we want to stay."