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Verstappen vs Hamilton: Clever that he has found the apex this time

Verstappen vs Hamilton: "Clever that he has found the apex this time"

7 July - 16:53 Last update: 19:11


After his podium finish at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton hurled a sneer at Max Verstappen. The Dutchman called the remark a bit harsh and immediately replied to the seven-time world champion.

Hamilton took P3 after a fine final battle in the Silverstone race. In the process, Charles Leclerc and the Mercedes driver let each other live as they drove through Copse Corner. Last year that was the corner where things went wrong between the Brit and Verstappen. Hamilton failed to make the apex, causing Verstappen to hit the wall hard. Before the British GP both Helmut Marko and Jos Verstappen said there was still a score to settle with Hamilton. Hamilton's statement after his P3 last weekend that apparently this time it was possible for two drivers to go through Copse Corner was therefore not to everyone's liking. It was a compliment to Leclerc, but also a sneer at Verstappen.

Verstappen hints at Hamilton's 'harsh' remark

The Red Bull Racing driver doesn't seem bothered by it, but calls his former rival's comment 'a bit harsh'. Speaking to Motorsport.com Hamilton joked: "I think it's pretty clever that at 37 years old you can figure out how to get to the apex. He is learning, so that is positive. It is also positive for young drivers that you keep learning when you are 37 years old. I think it's good that he has found the apex now."

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