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Marko expects Honda engine design to be decisive at Spielberg

Marko expects Honda engine design to be decisive at Spielberg

7 July - 15:19 Last update: 16:01


Helmut Marko expects Red Bull Racing to have a strong chance of winning their home race this weekend. The top adviser to Max Verstappen 's team notes that they have always come out on top in Spielberg in recent years and expects the same this year. According to Marko there is an important reason behind this.

The Austrian explains at Motorsport.com that the engine, which since this season has been fitted to the Red Bull car under the name Red Bull Powertrains, performs very well on circuits that are at high altitudes. After Mexico, Spielberg is one of the highest circuits above sea level and where the oxygen is thinner Red Bull seems to have been stronger for years.

High circuits optimal for turbo

An important factor is the turbo. According to Marko, this is because of Honda's design, which works very well at high altitudes. The Red Bull Ring sits at more than 600 meters, so Red Bull can take full advantage. Marko also expects Mercedes to perform less in Spielberg.

Additionally, this is because the track bounces more than Silverstone, which has been a sore point for the German team all season. It means the car will have to be tuned differently again at the Red Bull Ring and that will cost speed. All in all, Marko hopes Verstappen or Sergio Perez will be back on the podium next Sunday, cheered on by tens of thousands of Dutch fans.

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