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Weather forecast | Rain ahead for Austrian Grand Prix
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Weather forecast | Rain ahead for Austrian Grand Prix

7 July - 10:24 Last update: 11:11


After a wet qualifying session for the Grands Prix of Canada and Great Britain, rain is in the air again for the next GP. The Austrian Grand Prix weekend could see rain mainly on Friday and Sunday.

Sometimes you have a Formula 1 season with no action at all in the rain and sometimes you have a season where it happens very often. After a rained out qualifying in Imola, Canada and Great Britain, the Austrian GP now looks set to be rained out as well. This time, however, it will not be on Saturday, but on the other two days of the weekend.

Rain in Austria

According to Weather.com there will be a lot of rain in Spielberg on Thursday. Thursday's temperature will be twenty degrees and the chance of rain is 83 percent. On Friday the picture remains the same, although the chance of rain decreases slightly to 74 percent. However, the wind increases slightly and it would mainly be showers in the morning.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, 23 degrees and the chance of rain is only seven percent. So qualifying looks set to stay dry this time, but the Grand Prix could be in the water. On Sunday the temperature drops back to 21 degrees and the chance of rain rises to 75 percent. Again, these would be morning showers, so there is also a chance that it will be dry again during the race that takes place in the afternoon.

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