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Ferrari must prioritise Leclerc: 'Wrong way to fight Red Bull'

Ferrari must prioritise Leclerc: 'Wrong way to fight Red Bull'

6 July - 14:11 Last update: 15:26


Charles Leclerc is currently on a downward trajectory at Ferrari. After a near-perfect start to the season, the Monegasque has now gone five races without a podium. The last time Leclerc was on the podium was in Miami. At Silverstone, he seemed to be on the way to victory for a long time, but a strategic blunder meant he finished fourth, just off the podium.

According to F1 journalist David Tremayne, tensions are mounting at Ferrari. In his column on Formula1.com he thinks he knows the cause. "I can’t help wondering if this race might affect the relationship between and Charles and Mattia, after previous technical disappointments have cost the duo at least two races." Treymane explains that the two stoppages in Spain and Baku do not help that relationship and the tension that comes with it. Leclerc also felt they missed out on points at Silverstone.

Bad strategy by Ferrari

"He could have secured 25 or 26 points on a day when Max only took six." The big difference became a relatively small one, however, as Leclerc in fourth place could 'only' add twelve points. In the constructors' standings Ferrari are closing in on Red Bull Racing, but Tremayne doesn't think the Italian team will be looking at that.

"Ferrari still won the race, of course, but losing the chance for your lead driver to score 14 more points doesn’t strike me as the best way to fight opponents as fearsome as Max and Red Bull." Indeed, the Dutchman's lead is still very large, as much as 43 points ahead of Leclerc.

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