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Verstappen: Today showed that the halo is part of F1

Verstappen: "Today showed that the halo is part of F1"

3 July - 18:35


Max Verstappen was shocked by the very fast red flag at the first start of the British Grand Prix. Guanyu Zhou, George Russell and Alexander Albon were involved in a bad accident, but all seem to be okay.

Zhou was tapped on his rear tyre by Russell and his Alfa Romeo immediately went airborne. After a long upside-down slide he ended up in the fences at the edge of the track. Albon was nudged by Sebastian Vettel and then hit by Yuki Tsunoda and Esteban Ocon. Zhou was back in the paddock by the end of the Grand Prix and had a brief chat with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. Albon is still in hospital and being examined.

Verstappen happy with the halo

Verstappen is happy that his fellow competitors seem to be OK and says the halo is part of F1. "First of all, it's important that Zhou and Alex and everyone are okay. I think only Alex is still in the hospital to be checked. Let's wait and see what they say, hopefully, everything is fine," Verstappen said at the F1 Post Race Show.

"That was very scary. Normally, when you start and then you immediately see a red flag, you know something serious is going on. I think today has shown again that the halo belongs in Formula 1," concluded Verstappen.

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