Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes with rigorous updates in Silverstone
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Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes with rigorous updates in Silverstone

1 July - 11:06 Last update: 11:09

Red Bull Racing announced aerodynamic updates to its RB18 on Thursday. The exact nature of the improvements has now been revealed. Meanwhile, Ferrari and Mercedes have also been busy, according to documents released by the FIA.

Red Bull has made adjustments to the front corner for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. This is mainly to do with the temperature regulation of the brake calipers. Earlier rumours reached us that Red Bull was working on this. The RB18 will have a new engine cover this weekend in the UK and the floor has been updated as well.

As expected Mercedes will also come up with quite a few updates. Toto Wolff's German squad will race at Silverstone with a new front suspension, floor, rear wing and side pod intake. It is one of Mercedes' biggest update packages in 2022.

Ferrari hopes to save time with a new engine cover, different rear mirrors and other modifications, which the team catalogues as follows: 'This update is part of the standard development cycle. It is an optimisation of the current car concept and results in a general improvement of aerodynamic efficiency and a refinement of engine cooling.

Updates from Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes at Silverstone

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