Marko suspects: Verstappen will not ask for rain at Silverstone
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Marko suspects: "Verstappen will not ask for rain at Silverstone"

1 July - 08:36 Last update: 08:52

Helmut Marko is very happy with Max Verstappen in his stable. He sees the Dutchman as the best driver in Formula 1 at the moment. The Red Bull talent scout believes that Verstappen actually has all the necessary qualities.

"Max can perform incredibly under pressure and always keeps an eye on when and where he needs to drive to keep the tyres and brakes alive," said Marko, who is not yet finished with his praise."And he is mentally incredibly strong. The corner he has taken on the limit is immediately a thing of the past for him, he is always one step ahead in his mind, right at the next corner. And despite his young age, his sporting and financial success, he is extremely level-headed."

Verstappen excels in the rain

In an interview with Krone The Red Bull advisor says that he (!) would not mind if the race is held on Saturday, as it was in Canada. Verstappen has already proven that he can excel on a wet track. A fortnight ago in Montreal he destroyed the entire field.

"Then it's Verstappen time. Unlike everyone else, Max needs no time to get used to it. He goes out and is immediately a second faster," Marko said. Yet he does not think his Dutch pupil will be making a quick prayer to the weather gods. "Max won't ask for rain because Silverstone won't be fun then, but if it is, we know we have the best wild card."

Will Mercedes join Red Bull and Ferrari?

The 79-year-old Austrian initially expects another fight with Ferrari next weekend, but he is aware that it is also just possible that Verstappen will meet Lewis Hamilton again, just like in 2021. The W13 should be a lot more competitive at Silverstone. Red Bull takes Mercedes into account, but states that this would bring back 'bad memories'. The incident (between Verstappen and Hamilton, ed.) is still 'deep in our minds', according to Marko.

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