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Williams imitates Aston Martin and copies parts of RB18

Williams imitates Aston Martin and copies parts of RB18

1 July - 07:36 Last update: 08:43


After Aston Martin, Williams has also taken the Red Bull route for the development of the car. Williams is coming to Silverstone with a major update package and the FW44 is now said to be very similar to the RB18.

Aston Martin came under fire in Barcelona after coming up with a B-spec car that looked suspiciously like the RB18. Not only was AMR22 a good copy, but the fact that many key members of staff had made the switch from Red Bull to Aston Martin was a little too suspicious for the Austrian racing team.

Red Bull update for Williams

That will not be the case at Williams, but Alexander Albon says to Motorsport.com Williams, but Alexander Albon tells us that all teams now choose the Ferrari- or Red Bull-concept. So Williams chooses the latter concept, but Albon doesn't want to call it a resemblance. We will only really be able to judge that at the first free practice when the F1 cars hit the track for the first time.

The Thai also doesn't dare say how much he will win. There were rumours online that it would be one second, but Albon doesn't want to hear about it. ''Those numbers are flying around, but until we go out on Friday we don't know anything for sure," concludes the only Williams driver to score points this year.

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