Jewellery in the F1 cars seem to be a thing of the past

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30 June 2022 at 13:29
Last update 30 June 2022 at 15:47

In Niels Wittich's latest Event Notes for the British Grand Prix, there is no update on wearing jewellery in the car, reports This is remarkable because in the past Grands Prix this was always noted as an exemption.

No more exemption

It seems that in Britain drivers will have to drive without jewellery and piercings. Drivers were exempted in Spain, Monaco, Baku and Canada and had four races left to take it all off.

The idea of taking off all jewellery got a lot of opposition from drivers, but also fans. Jewels in a Formula 1 car would bring extra danger. Especially Lewis Hamilton would be bothered by this, because he generally wears the most jewellery and piercings of all F1 drivers.

Penalties for ignoring the rule

The debate about jewellery has been in the news for some time, but in early May possible penalties were not ruled out. Fines and possible deduction of points have not been ruled out.