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F1 management finds apology inadequate and expels Piquet from the paddock'.
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F1 management finds apology inadequate and expels Piquet from the paddock'.

30 June - 08:52 Last update: 09:38


Despite apologies from Nelson Piquet and an explanation as to why the word he used does not necessarily have to be translated as the N-word, Craig Slater says he will not be given access to the F1 paddock.

Piquet was in the news this week after a recording emerged of him using the N-word about Lewis Hamilton during a podcast. It was about the moment Lewis touched Max Verstappen at the 2021 British Grand Prix and caused a huge crash.

Piquet under fire

Why the fragment was discovered so late is unclear, but F1, FIA and Mercedes immediately made a clear statement. This does not belong in Formula 1 and so the triple world champion was banned from appearing in the F1 paddock.

Piquet came up with a statement a day later in which he apologised for what he had said, but he also tried to explain himself. He said the word he used was a word also used in the Portuguese language to describe someone as a 'man' or 'guy'. He said he never intended to offend Hamilton.

F1 will not change its mind

However, Formula 1's management has not changed its mind after Piquet's apology and is sticking to its earlier choice. This was made clear to Craig Slater, reporter for Sky Sports, at Silverstone. ''As far as the leadership of Formula One is concerned, my understanding is that this excuse is not seen as sufficient to allow Nelson Piquet back into the paddock.''

''Damon Hill stated that what he (Nelson) said went too far and that is also the position that the top of F1 takes. It has been communicated quite clearly to me that for the foreseeable future he is not welcome in the paddock'', concludes Slater.

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