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Verstappen back on board for Drive to Survive: 'Good talk'.

Verstappen back on board for Drive to Survive: 'Good talk'.

30 June - 06:33 Last update: 09:30

It is no secret that Max Verstappen is not a big fan of the Netflix series Drive to Survive and therefore did not participate in the last seasons. In 2022, however, that will change, according to the reigning world champion himself.

Drive to Survive is a big hit all over the world and has caused F1's popularity to soar. However, not everyone is happy with it. Verstappen is the biggest opponent of the series and decided last season not to participate in the series at all. According to the Dutchman, too much was being filmed.

Verstappen in Drive to Survive

''Until this moment there were just things I wasn't happy with, especially the fake rivalries between drivers. With that, they portrayed some drivers as dicks, when they are not'', says the Red Bull driver in the Pardon My Take-podcast. However, there is a change to come.

Stefano Domenicali was not happy about the fact that the driver refused to cooperate with the series and hoped that a solution would be found in the future. That solution has now been found. ''In the meantime I have spoken to the people who are in charge of the series and I think we have come to a good understanding for the future. So you will see more of me in the future'', concludes Verstappen.

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