Will George Russell finish ahead of Lewis Hamilton this season?

Will George Russell finish ahead of Lewis Hamilton this season?

29 June - 15:15

George Russell is arguably the most consistent driver so far this season, after another top-five finish in the Canadian Grand Prix. Many people, not including myself, didn’t expect this fine run of form from the young Brit, but it has got people talking. It’s his debut season with Mercedes and he’s not making it easy for seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, but can he keep this run of form up?

It seems as though he can do it. With three podium finishes this year and being the only driver to finish in the top five in every race so far this season, it draws the question of whether or not Hamilton is going to be able to catch Russell in the Drivers’ Championship. 

So, should Lewis Hamilton be worried about the continued success of George Russell so far this season?

Podium’s come luckily to both drivers

Despite claiming five podiums for Mercedes so far this season, three for Russell and two for Hamilton, it can be easily argued that all have come luckily to the two Brits. It seems as though when any of the favourites from Red Bull and Ferrari suffer due to engine issues or crashes, Mercedes are slotting into the final podium spot.

However, this isn’t always the case. Mercedes have managed to improve throughout the season, which was expected, but it is the consistent driving from both drivers that have put them in the position to finish on the podium.

Russell’s performances this year can’t be ignored but have been downplayed somewhat in my eyes, whereas Hamilton’s podiums have been highlighted as great drives and shown the spotlight in comparison to his teammate. With a top-five finish in every single race this year, it seems as though we should be talking more about the continuous high level of driving on show from the former Williams driver.

Russell on top in Driver Standings, which will anger Hamilton

The current gap in points will be a highlight to Hamilton of how strong a start Russell has made to his career at Mercedes, with the latter holding a 34-point lead over his teammate. This consistent run of form is something that will not only anger Hamilton but will motivate him to work harder to try and beat the young Brit in the rest of the races this season. However, this isn’t something that has come to him easy so far this year.

The seven-time World Champion has only managed to finish ahead of his teammate twice so far this season, with both of these coming when he’s managed to claim the final spot on the podium. So, what is he doing wrong?

Well, personally, I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong, it’s just a matter of luck and fortune on race day and who it goes to. You can’t take away anything from the performances that Russell has put in this year, but the same can be said for Hamilton. Luck has fallen into both drivers’ hands throughout the season, but you can also say some of this is down to tactics and how well the pair have driven.

Russell has made an extremely positive start to his career at Mercedes, with three podiums already and an average of 12.33 points per race, which is an average fourth-place finish. Whereas Hamilton has the same amount of podiums but is only averaging 8.55 points per race, which places him two below his compatriot, with a sixth-place finish as his average. This stat clearly highlights the strength of Russell’s driving this year compared to his teammate, but can he keep it up?

Hamilton struggling more in car compared to Russell

Porpoising has been a major topic surrounding Mercedes and one sub-topic that I seem to think about, is how much Lewis is suffering compared to George. On the other hand, is this only highlighted because of how much Hamilton has been complaining and visibly struggling with this? To me, it seems as though, Russell is able to just get on with his race, compared to Hamilton who has been seen in pain after races. What is your opinion on this? Let me know in the comments.

Russell will finish ahead of Hamilton this season

Personally, I think Russell has started the season to a level that will make it hard for Hamilton to compete this year and will mean that the seven-time World Champion is beaten by his teammate for the first time since Nico Rosberg. The quality of driving and pace shown by the former Williams driver is far higher than many thought we’d see and has put Hamilton in a tough situation to get out of.

What do you think? Should Lewis Hamilton be worried about the continued success of George Russell this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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