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Verstappen's girlfriend backs family member who stands up for Piquet

Verstappen's girlfriend backs family member who stands up for Piquet

28-06-2022 20:07 Last update: 20:21


A relative of Nelson Piquet has taken to Instagram to defend three-time world champion Nelson Piquet, who made serious racist comments last year. Max Verstappen's girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, has also come under fire for giving the statement of support a 'like'.

Piquet also receives support

The F1 teams and drivers were quick to condemn Piquet's racist statement. Lewis Hamilton, who made the first statement, received a lot of support from the Formula 1 community. Formula 1 seems to take the statements seriously and it is even claimed that Piquet could be denied access to the F1 paddock.

On Instagram, a relative of Piquet, Rodrigo Piquet Souto Maior, posted a message of support and tried to explain how he views the incident. Piquet posted a picture of an elderly woman and wrote: "Inacinha, our second grandmother and the mother of my father and the soul and heart of my uncle! She called all of us that [The n-word, ed.] It's not like that, but it's about love. Hypocritical world." From the text, Rodrigo Piquet must be a nephew of Piquet Sr.

The Instagram account is private, but you can see the message above. Little else is known about Piquet's identity, though he appears to be a driver and the family connection seems to be real. Kelly Piquet, the daughter of Nelson Piquet and girlfriend of Verstappen, liked the picture. On Twitter, among others, Kelly Piquet is being ridiculed for her indirect expression of support. There are also people who support her, on the other hand.