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This is the best car in the new F1 22 game

This is the best car in the new F1 22 game

28 June - 07:45 Last update: 09:52


The F1 22 game has been released, which means that Formula 1 fans around the world can now drive the fastest cars themselves. The question is, how do the teams rank?

Ferrari the best car

Earlier EA Sports announced who is the best driver in the game. That turned out to be Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, who both receive an overall score of '94' in the racing game. This is not surprising considering the 2021 Formula 1 season, where the two were challenging each other until the last moment of the season. Incidentally, they are not the best drivers available in the game. That is Michael Schumacher with a score of 95.

The battle in your first save of the game will not be between Verstappen and Hamilton, however, as Mercedes have not built such a strong car in 2022 and this is reflected in the proportions. Ferrari will have the best car with a tiny lead over Red Bull Racing. Funnily enough, it is the engine where the Italian brand has the advantage over the Austrian racing stable.

Verstappen versus Leclerc

Mercedes follows close behind in no man's land. Behind the German stable, there is also a gap to the Alpine. The French team is followed by Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, Haas and McLaren. The two least successful teams at the time of release are Aston Martin and Williams, with the team from Grove occupying the last spot.

The battle for the world title in your first save is likely to be between Verstappen (94) and Charles Leclerc (92), who have the highest rating of the top two teams. Sergio Perez is the third driver with a score of 88 and Carlos Sainz has one point less than the Mexican.

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