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Horner compares Verstappen to Vettel: 'Max just wants to win'

Horner compares Verstappen to Vettel: 'Max just wants to win'

27 June - 12:53 Last update: 16:04


After Sebastian Vettel's glory years at Red Bull Racing, they finally have a reigning world champion in the car with the number 1 in Max Verstappen. On a visit to Cambridge Union Team boss Christian Horner is asked what the big differences are between the two world champions, with the Brit noting that Verstappen is hugely driven.

The Red Bull team boss begins by talking about his experiences with Vettel. According to Horner, the German was always enormously precise in his working methods and concerned himself with every part of the car. "In his debriefs it would take him half an hour just to explain the formation lap let alone the let alone the race."

Verstappen hungriest driver ever at Red Bull

According to Horner, things are currently a lot less complicated and drawn out with his Dutch driver. "Max is much more simplistic, he just has this very raw talent and he's the hungriest driver I've ever come across. He just wants to win," explained the British team boss.

It fascinates Horner that Verstappen always gives very direct feedback, especially towards his race engineer. "It's like an old married couple at times, but you know every lap he's going to give you 110 precent and he demands the same from the team." This is also reflected in the results this season, as every time Verstappen finishes the race, he can be found on the podium.

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