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F1 launches new sustainability campaign: Net Zero Carbon

F1 launches new sustainability campaign: Net Zero Carbon

27 June - 10:17 Last update: 13:50


Formula 1 wants to be carbon neutral from 2030 and is expanding its campaign around this. From the British Grand Prix onwards, the sport is focusing on a sustainable future.

F1 carbon neutral

In 2019, F1 announced that its goal is to be completely carbon neutral from 2030. Since that announcement, steps have already been taken to improve this. For example, cargo containers have been redesigned to be used more efficiently and Grands Prix organisers are also encouraged to come up with ideas on how to organise this better.

Stefano Domenicali has already hinted that a more efficient F1 calendar is being looked at. The Formula One CEO wants to reduce the long flights by setting up a calendar that is geographically closer to each other.

Sustainable engine

An important step in improving sustainability is also the new engine that will be introduced from 2026. Although the rules for that new engine have not yet been presented, the fuel must be 100 per cent sustainable, as can be read again. That fuel will already be tested in F2 and F3 at an earlier stage.

To give more visibility to this campaign, the 'Net Zero Carbon' campaign will from now on become more visible in the branding, replacing the previous campaign where the world's most efficient engine was in the spotlight.

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