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Wolff says Verstappen and Leclerc complain about porpoising

Wolff says Verstappen and Leclerc complain about porpoising

26 June - 11:29 Last update: 26 June - 11:29


Porpoising is still a problem that has not been solved in Formula 1. Almost every driver complains about the bouncing cars, except Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. According to Toto Wolff, they do, but only behind closed doors.

Leclerc and Verstappen complain secretly

Porpoising is a problem that came with the new cars that will be raced in Formula 1 in 2022. Especially on long straights, the new cars bounce heavily, to the displeasure of many drivers. Drivers like Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton have already complained in the media and want to see change. Other drivers such as Verstappen and Leclerc are keeping their lips sealed.

According to Wolff, Verstappen and Leclerc would also complain, but deliberately do not do so in the media. "You cannot influence a Formula 1 driver not to say anything in public if there is a health risk," the Mercedes team boss said in an interview with OE24. "The only ones who don't say anything about it are Leclerc and Verstappen, but they do talk about it behind closed doors."

Porpoising at Mercedes

Mercedes itself is one of the teams most affected by porpoising. In Canada the German team came up with a solution: a second support cable to reduce porpoising. Several team bosses found the support cable surprising, because Mercedes had already taken this part to Montreal before the new technical guidelines were known.

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