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Is Leclerc like Verstappen? That's what we still need to find out

Is Leclerc like Verstappen? "That's what we still need to find out"

25-06-2022 11:34 Last update: 17:37

Jacques Villeneuve thinks Charles Leclerc is a good driver, but whether he is as good as Max Verstappen he does not know yet. The analyst states that the Ferrari driver can still do better than he has done this season. There are still some faults here and there.

'He's super-quick, but right now he still makes a few little mistakes that he shouldn't. Imola, for example, then he's not helped by the team. That's the energy they all have together," Villeneuve said in theF1 Nation Podcast. In the fourth Grand Prix of the season, Leclerc spun while chasing Sergio Perez.

According to the one-time world champion, Leclerc has now proved he can be fast, but there are still some question marks. "Right now we know he's fast, he's aggressive, is he a world champion? Is he like Max? How is he under pressure when it's money time for the championship? That's what we still need to find out," he stated.

Inadequate in Canada

That the current number three in the World Cup finished fifth in Canada was rewarded by fans with the honorary title of Driver of the Day, but Villeneuve is actually not that impressed. He argues that even if you start from the back, you can only see Red Bull cars finishing ahead of you. According to the Canadian, ten points is not enough.

He also looks to Ferrari for this, as Leclerc's pit stop was particularly poor on the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit. The Monegasque stopped a few seconds too long, causing him to come up behind a group of four. A lot of time was lost there and the tyres also took an extra hit.