Ferrari has completed test day at Mugello: tactically planned?

Ferrari has completed test day at Mugello: tactically planned?

25 June - 11:22 Last update: 17:37

Ferrari has completed another test day for Pirelli. On Friday Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz drove the Pirelli tyres for 2023. During the season there are several test days and data is collected for the Italian tyre supplier. Ferrari has now completed its two mandatory test days for Pirelli.

Earlier this year, on 27 April, the Maranello-based racing team also made an appearance. This resulted in a small riot. Teams suspected that Ferrari had driven with a new floor during that day, but eventually, the FIA stated that no rules were broken. On such test days, no new parts may be introduced.

Leclerc and Sainz drove F1-75 at Mugello. The characteristics of this track are quite similar to Silverstone, so it is extra kilometres and therefore extra data towards the next Grand Prix in Great Britain. It is therefore no coincidence that Ferrari has decided to race for the second time already. Teams like Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have not yet done any work for Pirelli in 2022.

The Pirelli tests are 'blind' though. This means that Ferrari has no idea what tyres are fitted to the car. They have to be driven at a constant pace, but the aerodynamics can be measured and this may be of value next weekend.

Leclerc and Sainz test 2023 tyres

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