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'Verstappen just puts his middle finger up to everybody'

'Verstappen just puts his middle finger up to everybody'

24 June - 18:24 Last update: 22:58


Tom Coronel is impressed by 'racing monster' Max Verstappen. Partly due to his father, Jos Verstappen, the Dutchman has become one of the strongest drivers on the grid.

Jos' father is often criticised for the way he raised his son. Dutch driver Coronel, however, sees that thanks to his upbringing, Verstappen is able to cope well with the pressure of the title fight in Formula 1.

"The more pressure, the better Verstappen [is]. He has always said ‘I’ve been brought up with pressure and with a lot more pressure than I have now.' He has been brought up by Jos [Verstappen]. Some people can say it's not good that you put so much pressure on your kids when you're so young. But this is what you create, you create a racing monster. Max has coped with it already his whole life so he doesn’t feel it anymore, so it's positive," said Coronel in conversation with Express.

Verstappen always in attack mode

Verstappen has already won six races so far this season, giving him the lead in the Drivers' Championship. At the Canadian Grand Prix, the Dutchman was the fastest in qualifying and managed to win the race by holding off Carlos Sainz.

According to Coronel, the qualifying in Canada is a perfect example of the standard that he and Jos have built up. "He is always on attack mode. You know the qualification in Canada, I’m like Max, why every outing you have you got to be on top by one second. Why even take the risk. He just puts his middle finger up to everybody. During that qualification, you saw the rest were just filling up the field."

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