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'Michael Schumacher would take the Haas team boss to task'

'Michael Schumacher would take the Haas team boss to task'

24 June - 13:08 Last update: 16:40


Bernie Ecclestone is not happy with the way Guenther Steiner deals with Mick Schumacher. After the crash in Monaco, the Haas team boss criticised the young Schumacher and called his performance 'difficult to assess'. The 91-year-old former owner of Formula 1 was not happy about this.

Steiner's behaviour is counterproductive

In an interview with Sport.de Ecclestone called Steiner's statements counterproductive. According to the Brit, Schumacher needs people around him who help him and not just criticise him. "He doesn't need people telling him all the time that he is not currently performing as well as he should," he said.

Mick Schumacher is the only driver this season, along with Nicholas Latifi, who has yet to score any points. Nico Hulkenberg is not included. This while teammate Kevin Magnussen has already collected 15 points. On top of that, the German has written off several cars this season, which doesn't help his confidence either.

No influence from father Michael Schumacher

Ecclestone thinks that Mick currently lacks the influence of father Michael Schumacher. He thinks that if Michael had been here, he would have given Steiner a run for his money. "Michael would show Günther [Steiner] the ropes. That would help a lot." How the seven-time World Champion's health is now remains something the family keeps to itself.

Despite the difficult time Mick is currently having at Haas, Ecclestone believes he has what it takes to produce good results. "He has the ability. And I'm sure it's his will." Should things ultimately not work out at Haas, the question is whether there are other options for the German. "It's about whether there is a team that wants to take him and be sure of it: Is he as good as his father?"

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