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Confidence in new world title for Verstappen: 'Probably'

Confidence in new world title for Verstappen: 'Probably'

24 June - 08:25 Last update: 11:46


Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc seemed to be going head-to-head this season as to which driver should be crowned World Champion. After nine races, however, the difference is already 49 points, giving the Dutchman a comfortable lead over his rival. Despite this, Bernie Ecclestone does not think the excitement has gone away this season.

The former Formula One boss sees Red Bull Racing in a comfortable position this season. The team's lead in the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships is now so large that it is possible for them to drop a stitch. Ecclestone does not rule out that this will actually happen.

In doing so, he points to Mercedes which may just play an important role in bringing the excitement back. "It depends on how Mercedes behave. If they get lucky again and steal a few points from Red Bull and Ferrari performs well again at the same time, then suddenly the gap changes," Ecclestone stated in conversation with RTL Deutschland.

Ecclestone expects Verstappen to be World Champion

At the same time Ecclestone knows that Verstappen has the best chances to win his second world title. He would therefore put his money on Verstappen winning first place. "He will win the championship, probably," he said.

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