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Verstappen key part of Red Bull package: 'He's unbelievable'

Verstappen key part of Red Bull package: 'He's unbelievable'

23 June - 19:57 Last update: 22:25


In a long interview on Austrian TV, Helmut Marko talks about Red Bull Racing and its current dominant season. The Austrian also elaborates on the start of the partnership with Max Verstappen and tells anecdotes about the training of the Dutchman.

The host of Fellner! Live on OE24.TV is curious about the relationship between the Verstappen family and Red Bull Racing. The Red Bull Racing advisor gives a brief history of the Verstappen family in Formula 1 and at one point comes to the tough training Verstappen received from his father at a young age.

Marko saw training Verstappen back in Canada

Marko recalls a specific anecdote, which he obviously wasn't present for himself, but he thinks speaks volumes for what he saw Verstappen do during qualifying in Canada. "He [Verstappen] started at a young age, which is necessary for Formula 1. For example, in the go-karts when it rains in Italy; on half the tracks everyone goes to the cafeteria to wait for the weather to clear. But Verstappen had to keep driving with stiff fingers until he reached the absolute top in the rain. You saw the result in Canada in qualifying, where he was really fast and drove away from everyone."

According to Marko, the dominant form the team is currently in is also partly due to the Dutch F1 champion. Unlike other years, the team has started strongly this year and has no need to catch up with other teams. If that's the case, Verstappen's skill will count for more. Marko: "[...] And then there is Verstappen's craft, which for a 24-year-old is really incredible. You saw in Canada that under the highest pressure he still doesn't make a mistake."

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