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'For Alonso age is just a number'

'For Alonso age is just a number'

23 June - 14:15 Last update: 16:32


David Tremayne says in his column on F1.com he was on the edge of his seat during the thrilling qualifying session for the Canadian Grand Prix. The journalist wonders if there could be a more beautiful front row than the one with Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

Best front row possible

Tremayne says in his column that qualifying in Canada was the most exciting so far in 2022. However, he did see a clear pattern. "Max, in the Red Bull RB18, had the best car, that was more than obvious. And, boy, does he know how to use it," Tremayne praised Verstappen. In the end, Verstappen was the fastest, with the most experienced driver in Formula 1 history, Alonso, right behind him.

According to Tremayne, Alonso's later years show that youth is sometimes unfairly advantaged. "There have been many who have been surprised by Fernando’s fire and speed as he approaches 41," he said. Tremayne believes that for racing drivers it is often the dedication to the sport that fades rather than the physical side of the sport. "But definitely not for Fernando, for whom age is just a number."

Alonso's future

Alonso returned to Formula One in 2021 with Alpine F1 Team. Since then he has finished on the podium once, in the 2021 Qatari Grand Prix. His contract expires after 2022, but Alpine seems keen to keep the veteran. Oscar Piastri would like to take over the Spaniard's seat, but according to the latest rumours, the Australian will be moving to Williams next season on a loan basis.

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