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Sainz confident after second place GP Canada: 'He's very good'

Sainz confident after second place GP Canada: 'He's very good'

22-06-2022 16:54 Last update: 18:00


Carlos Sainz was close to victory in Canada last weekend. The Spaniard tried to overtake Max Verstappen at the end of the race, but the Dutchman remained calm and drove convincingly to the finish. Despite the second-place Martin Brundle is convinced that Sainz will win races in the future, he writes in his column for Sky Sports.

The Madrid-born driver is in his second season at Ferrari. Whereas in his first year he was unable to make things difficult for Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton due to the qualities of the car, this season he has a car at his disposal that can finish on the podium.

Brundle expects future victories for Sainz

However, he has still not managed to secure first place, so the pressure is on. According to Brundle, however, it is only a matter of time until Sainz starts to take victories and thereby compete with Charles Leclerc.

"Carlos is like Lando Norris and George Russell in that he's ready to win GPs," Brundle is convinced. "But those victories just keep eluding him for varied reasons. I've always been a supporter of Carlos and sometimes I felt like a lone voice in the paddock, but he's very good - especially during races."

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