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Hamilton believes F1 'must do better' to eliminate porpoising

Hamilton believes F1 'must do better' to eliminate porpoising

22 June - 07:54 Last update: 08:33


In Canada, there was controversy surrounding Mercedes, which had a new floor ready just one day after the FIA 's new directive. Following protests from rival teams, the team abandoned the use of the floor, but despite this Toto Wolff believes the problems with porpoising have been resolved. As for Lewis Hamilton, that remains to be seen.

Hamilton still wants solution for porpoising

Hamilton believes Formula One as a sport, as well as his own team, "needs to do more" to eliminate the porpoising of the current generation of F1 cars. In Canada Mercedes suffered considerably less from the problem than in Baku, where the W13 bounced much worse than before. Also on Friday in Canada, it didn't look like the Briton would be able to get a podium on Sunday.

According to Hamilton, the bouncing was better than in Baku, but it had certainly not disappeared. "We still have bouncing, it's not going away," he said according to FormulaRapida.net. His opinion on solving the problems has therefore not changed. "I think as a sport we still need to do better and I think as a team we also need to do better."

The discussions on the subject are far from over. In Canada, Mercedes was accused of having prior knowledge of the solution proposed by the FIA and the new technical directive also caused irritation among rival teams, as the German team is the only one still affected by porposing. For the next race at Silverstone, the FIA wants to talk to all teams again.

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