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Mercedes causes a stir: 'So confusing'

Mercedes causes a stir: 'So confusing'

21 June - 15:29 Last update: 15:47


Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz battled it out together for victory in Canada, but behind them Mercedes was also doing something special. With Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, the German team managed to finish third and fourth respectively, a feat Martin Brundle did not see coming. The analyst announced this in his column on Sky Sports.

At the start of the weekend the team struggled to keep up with the other teams. It even made Hamilton state after the first free practice that he had no great expectations for the weekend. Russell didn't seem to be positive either, until something appeared possible in the race.

"The Mercedes team are so confusing for everyone at the moment, including themselves," stated Brundle, who saw Mercedes have a mediocre Friday and Saturday. However, he saw this change completely on Sunday. "In the race both Mercs were flying along almost on the leading pace."

Mercedes hopes for chances in England

For now, the performance of Ferrari and Red Bull Racing still seems too high, but Mercedes hopes to get closer and closer to these top teams in the coming months. "They fancy their chances at Silverstone which is next up," he said.

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