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Verstappen 'Masterclass' in Canada: 'He really deserved this win'

Verstappen 'Masterclass' in Canada: 'He really deserved this win'

21-06-2022 10:40 Last update: 12:06

Martin Brundle praises Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz after the Canadian Grand Prix. Verstappen deserved the victory after his 'masterclass' according to Brundle, but in his column, for Sky Sports, he also shows pity for the Spaniard.

Verstappen and Sainz made it a spectacle in the last fifteen laps of the Canadian GP. The safety car meant the two were close behind each other, with Sainz on slightly newer tyres behind Verstappen. The Dutchman could not afford to make a mistake and did not do so, as had been the case all weekend.

Verstappen the real champion

''Max Verstappen truly deserved to win, he was in epic form all through free practice, the wet but drying qualifying sessions, away from the start line, and throughout the seventy laps. It was a masterclass drive from the reigning world champion and now comfortable world championship leader, but Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari pushed him very hard for the last 15 laps,'' Brundle stated.

The former F1 driver is a big fan of Carlos. According to Brundle Sainz belongs in the line of Lando Norris and George Russell: drivers who are ready to win races, but so far have not been successful. ''It was great to see those two slugging it out,'' concludes Brundle on Verstappen and Sainz.

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