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Marko remains wary: 'In that, Ferrari is still significantly better'

Marko remains wary: 'In that, Ferrari is still significantly better'

20 June - 10:32 Last update: 14:45


After a flashy start to the season, Ferrari is actually sinking further and further during the season. Mainly due to the ongoing reliability problems with the Ferrari engine. Meanwhile Red Bull Racing won the last six races in a row. Nevertheless Helmut Marko remains wary of the Italians.

Red Bull still too heavy

Red Bull's lead over Ferrari in the championship has increased to 76 points after the Canadian Grand Prix, but of course with thirteen races to go nothing is done yet. Despite the large gap, Ferrari can still go for the title, also knows Red Bull advisor Marko. The Austrian therefore does not count himself rich yet and points to the tricky point of the Red Bull.

"We are still overweight and that's the negative thing," the 79-year-old explains to Austrian television station ORF. Yet Marko continues to look at that positively as well. "If we manage to bring the weight down, that already means another significant time advantage we can gain."

Ferrari lighter than Red Bull and Mercedes

The weight of the cars has been a topic of discussion all season anyway. Many teams are struggling to get the cars down to the minimum weight. Paint was even taken off cars to lose as much weight as possible. According to Marko, it is Ferrari that has done the best job.

"I don't know how it was at the last race, but at one of the last races Ferrari was only half a kilo above the minimum weight. That's significantly better than us, but also better than Mercedes." Red bull will aim to bring the weight down as quickly as possible for the upcoming races, even though it now has a comfortable lead.

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