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Marko lashes out at 'incomprehensible' FIA guidelines

Marko lashes out at 'incomprehensible' FIA guidelines

20 June - 07:40


The battle behind the scenes has flared up again between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari on the one hand, and Mercedes on the other. Helmut Marko finds it incomprehensible that Mercedes has had its way with the new technical directives.

The FIA, to the dismay of Red Bull and Ferrari, has issued technical directives aimed at reducing porpoising. This was done at the request of Mercedes, which saw its own drivers get out of the car in pain in Azerbaijan. According to Ferrari the FIA did not act correctly and Marko points out that teams can solve this themselves by raising the car.

Marko doesn't get it

''Our drivers are the most important assets we have. We make sure they are in top physical shape,'' Marko says of Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen who are hardly bothered by the bounce. Indeed, the RB18 has been designed by Adrian Newey in such a way that Red Bull is one of the few teams hardly bothered by porpoising.

The technical directives are therefore incomprehensible according to Marko. He argues that many improvements are still possible and that the new directives are still too vague. ''You would then surrender to arbitrariness. That would especially affect the team that is complaining about it (Mercedes)'', the Red Bull Racing advisor concludes to Sky Germany.

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