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Kubica lashes out at Wolff and Mercedes: 'They don't accept it'

Kubica lashes out at Wolff and Mercedes: 'They don't accept it'

18 June - 08:38 Last update: 08:52


More and more critical voices are beginning to be heard towards Toto Wolff and Mercedes. The team asked for the FIA to intervene in the porpoising problems, but many in F1 see action by the FIA as giving the team an unfair advantage. Robert Kubica also attacks Mercedes. 

Criticism of Mercedes swells

Max Verstappen sounded militant yesterday during the press conference prior to the Canadian Grand Prix about the FIA intervening with teams that suffer from severe porpoising. The Dutchman sees an unfair disadvantage for the teams that do not suffer from porpoising or rather work around it. The Red Bull Racing driver was joined by Jacques Villeneuve who also felt that teams could simply adjust the ride height of their car. Alfa Romeo's reserve driver, Kubica joins the group.

Villeneuve charged that Wolff and Mercedes are not concerned with safety in the sport, but are more concerned with gaining some performance somewhere at any given moment. Kubica sounds in conversation with Express.com also very critical of Mercedes: "The solution is just very simple. We [Alfa Romeo] went in this direction at the beginning of the year, we then raised the ride height and fixed the porpoising. There is always a very thin line around safety and that is fundamental, but safety should not be used to gain performance and technical advantage by a team that cannot accept that they have to adjust the ride height."

Porpoising is a matter of balance and risk according to Kubica

Kubica's sharp comment is interesting. Indeed, the reserve driver believes that Alfa Romeo has shown that it is possible to work around the problems. This would negate Wolff's protests after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as well as Carlos Sainz's protests. According to Kubica, it is up to the teams to find a balance and take risks or not.

Kubica: "I find it hard to believe that in Formula 1 there are teams that cannot solve their problems. They just lose some speed. In the end, we are all there in this difficult championship. It's a complicated tool, a race car, and you have to find compromises with that."

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