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Horner excited about Porsche: 'Iconic brands'

Horner excited about Porsche: 'Iconic brands'

1 June - 20:17


Christian Horner is still excited by the news that Volkswagen will join Formula 1 in 2026. The Red Bull Racing team boss seems to like a partnership with Porsche, although he is keeping all options open for now.

Due to the new engine rules that will apply from 2026, teams will have to deal with a budget cap in the future. Volkswagen found that so interesting that it decided to consider being part of the motorsport class for the first time in history in four years, which it made final in early May.

Collaboration between Red Bull and Porsche is in the air

Immediately, rumors surfaced that the Austrian racing stable would find a partnership with Porsche interesting. With Honda's earlier departure, it would give Red Bull a chance to get help from an engine supplier again. Horner confirmed in conversation with Bloomberg that he would find it interesting to sit down with Porsche.

"I think it’s fantastic that they’re talking about coming into Formula 1," the team boss states. "They’re iconic brands -- particularly Porsche brand is particularly iconic. It would be logical to hold conversations with them after declaring their intent to enter the sport."

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