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Will we be back in Monaco next year? 'F1 has Miami and Las Vegas'

Will we be back in Monaco next year? 'F1 has Miami and Las Vegas'

29 May - 11:05 Last update: 12:36


The contract between Formula 1 and the organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix expires after this season. So a new contract is needed for next season, otherwise this year's race will be the last time the F1 paddock travels to the Principality for now. This week it came out that those negotiations are quite stiff, as F1 wants to have more control, to the displeasure of the organisation team.

For a long time, the Monaco Grand Prix has been a special race in more ways than one. Not only because of the circuit but also because of the organisation. In Monaco they have their own broadcaster who provides the images and there are also exclusive sponsorship deals between the ACM (Automobile Club de Monaco) and major sponsors. Formula 1 wants to have more control over the race, for example by having its own broadcaster provide the images.

Does F1 need Monaco?

That would be the reason why the contract negotiations are so difficult. Formula 1 demands more, while the ACM wants to maintain its own control. Sky Sports commentator David Croft also sees this. "The question is: Does Monaco need Formula One, or does Formula One need Monaco? That’s the question being asked at the big table." According to Croft, Monaco needs F1 more because of its large source of revenue during the weekend.

At the same time, then, Croft wonders if Formula 1 should come back to Monaco. "Does Formula One need Monaco? You could argue that with Vegas going onto the calendar, Miami this year that it doesn't need it," with Croft immediately saying that he would prefer to return next year. "The clear indication that I’ve got is that the contract hasn't been signed for next year."

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