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Verstappen not worried about P4 after red flag: 'This is Monaco'

Verstappen not worried about P4 after red flag: 'This is Monaco'

29 May - 10:14 Last update: 12:35


For Max Verstappen, the grapes were sour in the final seconds of Q3 in Monaco. He was going hard, but a crash by Sergio Perez caused the red flag to end qualifying early in the Principality. The Dutchman will therefore also start fourth for the Grand Prix, a place where a victory seems very far away.

At Formula1.com the reigning world champion looks back on his performance in qualifying. He clearly shows that he is not satisfied with his performance and the performance of the team. "We were trying a few things with the car in practice, which didn’t really give me a good feeling, so we went back on a few things."

Rain can make the difference

So after the first run in Q3, Verstappen was back in that fourth spot. Up until the red flag, the Red Bull Racing driver was improving his time strongly, but that could eventually be thrown in the trash.

"I opted for a different strategy in my final run which I think was good for me because I couldn’t switch on my tyres on the first timed lap. So, the second timed lap I did after a cool [a cool-down lap]. It was good, I was up on my lap, it was all feeling good, but then of course I saw the roadblock in Turn 8. It’s unlucky, it’s Monaco." Possible rain will help the Dutchman make up places, as overtaking seems impossible on a dry track.

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