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Marko thinks Leclerc deserves a penalty: 'According to the regulations, he does'.

Marko thinks Leclerc deserves a penalty: 'According to the regulations, he does'.

28 May - 18:29


During qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc missed the weighbridge and had to be pushed back through the pit lane by his team. No word from the FIA about an investigation followed, but according to Helmut Marko, the incident should be penalized.

Formula One drivers are randomly called during qualifying to come to the weighbridge with their car. Leclerc accidentally drove past the mandatory call, forcing Ferrari to push his car back.

According to Marko, the incident is against the rules, as such incidents have also been severely punished in other classes. "If you punish that consistently like in the junior classes, this is a drastic punishment. He drove past. They didn't change anything about the car, but according to the regulations it should be a penalty," Marko told ORF.

Red Bull is not going to protest

"I don't wish it on him, because he has already had so much bad luck in Monte Carlo, but I don't think you can say that pushing back solves this offense," the Red Bull advisor continued. Marko confirms that Red Bull will not file a protest, but he thinks other teams may do so. So far, the race committee has not mentioned an investigation.

"I don't think we need to intervene here. It was so obvious. There are other teams behind him as well, everyone is interested in moving up a place. We're not going to do anything officially."

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