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Di Resta on piercings: 'If the rules say so, you do it'

Di Resta on piercings: 'If the rules say so, you do it'

27 May - 20:29 Last update: 27 May - 20:29


There is a debate in Formula 1 about the enforcement of an already existing rule. Piercings and jewelry may no longer be worn in the car by drivers. Former F1 driver and F1 analyst Paul di Resta says there are clear rules.

Di Resta finds discussion unnecessary

The latest news on the piercing discussion is the rumor that the FIA is going to allow drivers to wear piercings again after all. Especially Lewis Hamilton rebelled against the tightening of the existing rule by race directors Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich. Hamilton found support from Sebastian Vettel who disagreed with the underwear regulations.

The discussion reached several boiling points and is still not over. Di Resta indicated to Sky Sports that it is clear to him: "If you enter into something and the rules say you can't wear it then that's what you're signing up to go and do." The Brit nuanced his statement slightly by saying that he does understand the personal reasons behind it, "I can see both sides of it and I don't see why this is continuing on."

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