Perez: Never easy to negotiate with Marko and Horner
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Perez: "Never easy to negotiate with Marko and Horner"

27 May - 14:29 Last update: 15:11

Sergio Perez is hoping fervently for a contract extension at Red Bull Racing, but the Mexican will have to be patient for a while yet. Although his Austrian employer indicated at an earlier stage that it would not make a decision until the summer break, talks with Perez are said to be underway. The 32-year-old driver says he is patient.

In conversation with Motorsport-Magazin Perez let it be known that at the moment he is mainly focused on performing to the maximum in the Grand Prix weekends. "At the moment it's not a priority. We are in the middle of the season. It's never easy to negotiate a contract with Helmut [Marko] and Christian [Horner]."

Then Max Verstappen's teammate still tries to increase the pressure a little bit at Red Bull. It is of course also in his interest to sign a new contract as soon as possible. Perez gives the impression that he does not want to wait months. " Both parties are very happy, so something has to happen soon," he says.

Perez no second fiddle

Perez manifests himself as the perfect second driver at Red Bull Racing in 2022. However, he does not see himself as a number two who must give way to Verstappen at all times. The current number three in the world championship states that he feels supported by Red Bull and that there have been no such team orders (yet) this season.

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