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Verstappen balks in Monaco: 'I don't have DRS'

Verstappen balks in Monaco: 'I don't have DRS'

27 May - 13:25 Last update: 14:24


Max Verstappen started the first free practice session of the Monaco Grand Prix on Friday afternoon. However, little seems to have changed from the race weekend in Barcelona, as once again he complains about the DRS on his onboard radio.

During the GP of Spain, Verstappen had to deal with an additional challenge. For example, his DRS did not work during qualifying, allowing Charles Leclerc to be on pole position. A day later, it was again his DRS that let him down.

A week later he hoped to put the problems behind him, but nothing was further from the truth. In the first free practice, he noticed that there were again problems with his DRS that he could thus temporarily not use. The Austrian team therefore still has some work to do.

Verstappen expresses support for GP Monaco

In the press conference, Verstappen also expressed his support for the Monaco GP. According to the Dutchman, it is very important that the circuit remains on the Formula 1 calendar. Although the race does not provide much excitement each year, Verstappen believes that Monaco makes a great contribution to the motorsport class.

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